NORGREN, HERION, MARTONAIR. Пневматика всех типов: пневмоцилиндры, фильтры, лубрикаторы, клапаны


Norgren’s VP51with DeviceNet

Norgren’s VP51 digital proportional control valve with DeviceNet delivers high levels of flexibility and functionality Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has added more functionality to its popular VP51 range of proportional valves with the addition of DeviceNet capabilities. Providing command sign and feedback pressure via DeviceNet the VP51 is ideal for deployment in a wealth of industrial automation applications. The user of the VP51 can define individual requirements through the DeviceNet parameters and can set the application specifics needed for the unit simplifying set up which ultimately delivers benefits in terms of time savings and cost thus delivering that much desired competitive advantage. Norgren specialises in sophisticated high technology proportional solutions that allow variable and precise in process control of pressure, flow, force and position. Applications for the DeviceNet VP51 range include adhesive dispense, paper tensioning and laboratory sampling. The series incorporates advanced spool technologies thus allowing true step less pressure or flow control. The benefits of this combined technology are smooth response and low noise. Employing glandless lightweight Teflon coated spool valve technology the VP51 has the benefit of proven reliability with figures in the range of 30 million cycles and is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear. Suitable for output pressures in the range of 0 to 150 psi the VP51 features low power consumption (<100mA/2.5W) and can operate in compressed air environments that are both dry and non-lubricated. Ambient operating temperature is set at –5°C to 50°C and the units benefit from IP65 protection.


Norgren’s new multi position airless cylinder

Norgren’s new multi position airless cylinder delivers precision and control Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialists, has extended its range of actuator solutions with the launch of its new multi position airless cylinder. With precision at the heart of the design, the new electric actuator complements Norgren’s existing range of pneumatic cylinders, thus allowing even more customers to benefit from the competitive advantage that Norgren builds into its engineering solutions. With the capability to move loads up to 22 pounds (11Kg) the multi position airless cylinder operates at very high speeds and is fully programmable to deliver high stroke accuracies. This makes the actuator ideal for inclusion in applications that require high speeds combined with multiple position operation such as high speed insertion equipment in the packaging and semiconductor manufacturing sector, automatic test/inspection, printing and medical industries. Featuring the capability to store multiple stroke end points each with its own defined speed, acceleration and force parameters, the positions can be programmed anywhere in the stroke range. The system can be run in different modes: using a programmable controller’s I/O modules or from an optional fieldbus connection. For set-up and tests the multi position airless cylinder may automatically run a stored program. This makes the device ideal for a large machine with PLCs, industrial computers and for smaller machines with limited I/O capability. The airless cylinder requires one electrical connection to operate and can be disabled from the supply when not running thus conserving energy. Featuring no mechanical connection between the moving mass and the stationary mass the airless cylinder features extremely long life and product reliability. The movement is produced by the interaction of two magnetic fields, one field from permanent magnets in the slider and the second field produced by electric current in the motor windings located in the stator. Unlike rotary motors either motor part can move if the other part is held fixed The programming of the cylinder is straightforward and intuitive. Desired positions are entered using a laptop or by ‘teaching’ the unit (moving it by hand and remembering the position). Guiding system information (weight, friction, motor parameters) is entered once and stored under a “module description”. The operator does not have to enter this information. This method of programming means that the operator saves time and money when making product changeovers by simply retrieving a stored programme.


Norgren's 33D series of pressure switches

Introducing the Norgren 33D series of pressure switches Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialists, has introduced a range of solid-state pressure switches. Designated as the Norgren Herion 33D series the models have been optimised to deliver highly reliable switching combined with long life typically 100 million cycles. Featuring a compact and robust design the series is ideal for deployment in a wide variety of industrial applications. The series is available in electro mechanical and electronic variants and can be utilised in both pneumatic and hydraulic environments. Operating pressures for the pneumatic version is specified at –1 to 16 bar and 0 to 630 bar for the hydraulic/ Allfluid models. Offering a cost effective solution for industrial applications the switching status of the 33D series is indicated by a back-lit real time LED display for high visibility and also features selectable pressure units for global use. The switch itself features programmable delays, LED status indication, tamper protection and an M12 industry standard IP 65 rated M12 connector. All stainless steel wetted parts provide compatibility with a wide variety of fluids.


Norgren’s new VS18/VS26 valve range

Innovation combined with flexibility with Norgren’s new VS18/VS26 valve range In order to further enhance and strengthen its range of automation solutions, Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, is launching a new range of plug in subbase valves. With flexibility and configurability at the heart of the design, the new innovative VS series delivers competitive advantage to OEMs who are looking to make specification decisions quickly and effectively, thus helping to reduce the all-important time to market. Recognising development time can be costly, Norgren has designed the VS series to offer engineering advantage through the wealth of features including high flow, long life and I/O capabilities. The new VS series fulfils the requirements of a variety of markets such as packaging, paper and printing, materials handling, machine tools and the automotive industry. Designed and manufactured at Norgren’s Swiss facility, the system utilises proven valve technology to deliver long life and exceptional flow rates through two different spool technologies. The glandless spool and sleeve valve features high operational figures of 200 million cycles, whilst the soft seal spool valve delivers exceptionally high flow rates. This gives the customer the flexibility to select the appropriate spool for each application without the need to install a second valve system. The VS series is also focused on delivering engineering advantage through its endurance and reliability figures. This focus translates to minimal maintenance for the machine user in the field and, if valves do need replacing, the system allows the user to make a changeover quickly and effectively with minimal interruption. When it comes to fieldbus options the VS series has been developed to accommodate most of the industry-recognised protocols such as Profibus-DP, DeviceNet, CANopen, Interbus-S, AS-interface and AB RIO. The subbase of the system integrates the required electronics thus delivering advantage because the valve island size is the same for fieldbus and multipole. Available in 18mm or 26mm widths, the VS series features 3 different port options (ISOG, NPTF and built-in push-in-fittings) and features a valve interface according to ISO 15407-2. The VS series has been designed to be extremely robust and durable and is manufactured from the highest quality materials to handle harsh operating environments. Accommodating two-valve size ranges with flow rates from 550 to 650 l/min (18mm) and 1000 to 1350 l/min (26mm), the VS series features a wide variety of sandwich plate accessories such as pressure regulators, flow controls, single valve shut off plates and intermediate supply and exhaust modules. With IP65, NEMA 4, CE, ATEX and UL 429 approvals and two supply voltages (24V DC and 115V AC), the VS series is suitable for all markets. Utilising the Norgren online valve island configurator, the machine builder simply defines a set of parameters such as number of valves needed and flow rate to satisfy individual specification requirements. Available in any combination from one to 16 valves OEMs can configure a solution to match individual specifications and if the system needs to evolve, once installed, the VS system can be configured in the field to match the changes. This flexibility delivers advantages to OEMs through minimum machine downtime and reduced modification times.


Norgren introduces two new pressure switches

Norgren underlines technology expertise with two new pressure switches Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has expanded its tried and tested range of pressure switches to include 2 new models. Designated as the 33E and the 33L the new devices have been developed to offer the maximum advantage in a wide variety of industrial applications that require pressure monitoring or pressure control. Offering a vacuum and relative pressure rating of –1 to 600 bar the new 33L features a 3 colour LED display that is highly visible from a distance of 6 meters. This ensures that the operator can easily detect critical conditions from long distances thus delivering advantage through maintained machine uptime The 33L features a self-diagnosis function to detect system errors thus allowing a higher degree of plant security. The electronic lock feature prevents unauthorised personnel from changing the set up and the keypad with 3 user friendly buttons delivers advantage through reduced set up times and easy programming. Featuring two transistor (or binary) output signals the 33L provides a switching output and a warning output that can also be programmed as an additional switching output thus delivering advantage through flexible user features. The 33E is compact and robust in design thus delivering benefits to applications that suffer from space limitations and harsh operating environments. Representing an economical solution the 33E features a relative pressure range from 0 to 400 bar and delivers user versatility through the easy programming of switching points and the option of either thread or flange connections The 33E features one transistor (or binary) output signal and also has an electronic lock. Both series are suitable for use with gaseous, liquid, aggressive and neutral fluids. Connection is easy through the use of an M 12 x 1 electrical connector and there are various different options for mounting. The new pressure switch is extremely lightweight and offers ? 1,5% FS accuracy. With a minimum switching life of 50 million cycles the switching point and the reset points are adjustable between 0 to 100% of FS. The devices are shock proof to 25g, xyz, according to DIN EN 60068-2-27 and vibration proof to 10g, 5 to 500Hz, in line with DIN EN 60068-2-6. Being free of lacquer impairing substances both devices features IP67 protection in accordance with DIN 40050 and are suitable for an ambient temperature of –20°C to +80°C. With a switching time of less than 10ms (33L) and 3ms (33E) and weighing only 0.06 kg.


Norgren extends 18D pressure switch series

Norgren extends 18D pressure switch series with new low temperature version Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has extended is tried and tested series of 18D pressure switches with the introduction of a new low temperature version. Designated as the 18D LT the pressure switch is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications that require a wide operating temperature range of –40°C to +85°C. The new devices are suitable for pneumatic applications with operating pressures from –1 to 16 bar. Suitable for neutral, gaseous and liquid fluids that are non combustible the units are ideal for mobile applications like trains, trams and other rail vehicles. The devices are also suited for commercial vehicles and mobile construction machinery. Various fluid connections are available (G, NPT, flange) and features micro switches approved by UL and CSA.


High reliability current to pressure converter.

Norgren introduces a high reliability, world class current to pressure converter. Norgren, the fluid and motion control specialist, has introduced a new ultra reliable I/P converter to its Watson Smith range of solutions. Designated as the Type 140 the new I/P converter exceeds the requirements of the process control industry applications worldwide. The Type 140 design has been based on an analysis of the key requirements and applications for this class of product in all major international markets. Delivering advantage both in terms of safety and performance the features include; fail to zero output pressure on signal failure; advanced electronic closed loop, giving extreme control precision; rugged, IP66 housing to meet the most demanding environmental conditions; vibration immunity and extensive operating temperature range, – 40 + 85°C, make the type 140 suitable to a variety of mounting positions and locations. The Type 140 has comprehensive hazardous area certification. Approvals include North American, Canadian and European ATEX certification, encompassing intrinsically safe, type N and flameproof variants. An additional User feature is the inclusion of a jack socket for on site monitoring and local calibration, thus ensuring maximum operational uptime. The Type 140 has been designed with reliability in mind. Encapsulated modular electronics and a sub micron, field replaceable, pilot air filter give an order of magnitude, greatly exceeding its predecessors, in reliability improvement. Through Engineering Advantage, this addition to the Watson Smith range, gives the user a trouble free, fit and forget, current to pressure converter. The unit is available in pressure ratings in the range 0f 0.2 to 1.0 bar with a flow capacity exceeding 300l/min.


Norgren’s new VP60 proportional valve

Norgren’s new VP60 proportional valve delivers high levels of functionality Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has introduced a new high performance proportional control valve. Designated as the VP60 the device features new microprocessor driven position control and delivers high dynamic properties thus enabling short accelerations times. By utilising a glandless spool and sleeve design the VP60 makes a real difference in applications that require very high operating figures, the VP60 typically delivers figures of >250 million operations at full stroke. Zero point adjustment via a mini keypad provides an application specific method of adjustment for leakage, drift and offset and a multicolour LED indicates device status diagnosis. The VP60 is ideal for deployment within sectors such as mechanical engineering, automotive manufacturing, packaging, printing/paper processing, medical and food. Typical applications within these sectors include rotational speed control, velocity control, vacuum generation and torque regulations. In combination with a PLC the VP60 could by used for positioning applications. Available in pressure ratings up to 12 bar and with flow capabilities to 1200 l/min the VP60 is suitable in its standard form for environments that require ATEX Zone 2 certified devices. Conforming to CE the VP60 benefits from IP65 protection and is free of lacquer affecting substances. Connection can be made via G1/4 and 1/4NPT ports and feature optimized linearity in conjunction with minimum hsyteresis, failsafe bleeding and zero overlap mode.


Norgren’s extends VM series valve islands

Norgren’s extends VM series valve islands Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has extended it VM valve island family to include the new VM15. Following on from the success of its VM10 this expands the range of Norgren’s valve island solutions and delivers even more advantage to OEM’s. With an unsurpassed flow to size rate of 1000 l/min the new 15mm VM15 continues to deliver the high standards set with the 10mm VM10. The new VM15 allows customers to specify a cost effective compact valve island solution. Previously, to achieve the flow rates the VM15 can deliver, they would have had to opt for a more expensive larger footprint valve solution. The VM15 makes a real difference in projects that require cost savings and reduced installation space. The VM series valve manifold range provides a high performance, cost effective and value engineered solution that is easy for customers to use and configure to their individual needs. Installation times for the VM series are reduced thanks to the use of integrated push in fittings. Should machine specifications change the configuration can be changed rapidly via interchangeable valve types and is easy to add extra valves for more functionality due to its modularity. Suitable for deployment in a wide variety of industry sectors the VM series compact design makes it ideal for inclusion in projects that suffer from space limitations. Its high performance engineered polymer construction offers excellent strength and stability for harsh environments and the series is particularly well suited to applications that employ chemical wash down procedures. With the VM series customers can choose from DIN rail, through hole and sub base mounting options. Valve islands can be configured from 4 to 16 stations with single or double solenoids and with a high number of possibilities for manual overrides and tube fitting sizes the result is a range with over fifteen million different combinations. Featuring a clean and sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing to design engineers all wiring connections for the VM series are made to one face of the unit for tidiness and protection. When a customer comes to specify the correct VM series island for their given application selection has been made simple. For convenience Norgren provides a software configuration tool which is available online and on CD. This provides the customer with a part number, price and dimensions. Customers can also download 2D and 3D CAD drawings in 13 file formats. Norgren is also focused on continually upgrading its existing solutions to offer customers even greater advantage. For this reason the 430 l/min VM10 has been enhanced with added design features such as additional mountings, 90° multi pole connectors for applications that need additional space savings and extra customer labelling options.


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Быстрая служба по обслуживанию пневматических приводов

Компания Norgren недавно внедрила свою новую инновационную быструю службу по обслуживанию пневматических приводов.

Новая быстрая служба по обслуживанию пневматических приводов компании Norgren гарантирует, что обслуживающий персонал Norgren может доставить эти механизмы в течение 24 часов, если заказ поступил до 16:00 часов. При необходимости клиенты сами могут организовать доставку со складов компании Norgren (Lichfield или Farnham), или могут получить эти механизмы через своего курьера. Все пневматические приводы компании Norgen имеют 2-х летнюю гарантию, и быстрая служба по обслуживанию предлагает запчасти от зарекомендовавших себя серий PRA/180000 и RA/8000 ISO/VDMA, RT/57000, RM/ 90000, RM/900 Imperial и M/46000 Lintra. Покупателю остается только заполнить форму, которую можно приобрести в компании Norgen или в одной из независимых дистрибьюторских компаний, и после ее заполнения отправить факсом в компанию Norgen по указанному в документах номеру и заказываемый пневматический привод будет изготовлен по специальным требованиям. Если у Вас возникнут вопросы, касающиеся спецификаций, квалифицированные инженеры компании всегда готовы проконсультировать Вас.


Фитинги для быстро и легкого соединения

Компания Norgren расширила производства фитингов новых серий Pneufit D

Новые фитинги являются превосходным дополнением к уже существующей серии Pneufit, и экономят ценное время при установке. Фитинги серии Pneufit D прекрасно подходят для сжатого воздуха и одобрены стандартами FDA, WRAS (Англия), SR Zert (Германия) и NSF-51 (США). Зажимы, изготовленные из нержавеющей стали, превосходно подходят для нейлоновых PU и PE труб, и новая серия зажимов состоит из более 45 различных форм, имеющих более 600 номеров. Размер трубок составляет от 4 до 12 мм в метрическом и от 0,15625 до 0,5 мм в английских единицах измерения. Фитинги Pneufit D можно также использовать с NPTF, BSP и UN типами резьбы. Сосредотачиваясь на обеспечение широкого диапазона решений, компания Norgren теперь предлагает клиентам фитинги Pneufit С для промышленного применения, Pneufit D для применения в индустрии продовольствия, воды и напитков, и металлические фитинги Pneufit для индустрии где необходимы более прочные фитинги.


Пропорциональные контрольные клапаны выполняют определенно точные функции

Имея 20 летный опыт в пропорциональной технологии, компания Norgren оптимизировала дизайн нового контрольного клапана VP12 для обеспечения точного контроля давления по конкурентоспособной цене

Имея 20 летный опыт в пропорциональной технологии, компания Норгрен оптимизировала дизайн нового контрольного клапана VP12 для обеспечения точного контроля давления по конкурентоспособной цене. Клапан применяется в разных сферах промышленности, таких как автомобильной, упаковочной, медицинской и т.д. Пропорциональный клапан VP12 имеет превосходные характеристики по контролю, расходу жидкости и размерам. Имея различные диапазоны давления до 8 атмосфер, клапан VP12 обеспечивает преимущество для решения установочных вопросов, и его можно установить быстро и без усилий. При температурах от 0 до 60 C, и имея защиту IP30 от непогоды, пропорциональный клапан имеет максимальный расход жидкости до 200 литров в минуту, и имеет низкое потребление электроэнергии. Контролируя работу гидравлической системы лучшим образом, пропорциональный клапан VP12 имеет превосходное решение по контролю давления гидравлической системы, и при потере сигнала или питания сохраняет свои преимущества


Norgren – звезда Flowtech

Компании Норгрен вручена награда 'поставщик года' ведущим изданием Flowtech.

Награда, врученная компании Norgren на обложке каталога Flowtech 2005, отражает внимание компании Norgren на каждый аспект ее бизнеса от научных исследований до развития клиентского сервиса. Получая награду, Джеррай Фолей, Директор Norgren UK Indirect Channels, сказал: ' Я хотел бы поблагодарить всего коллектива Норгрен за их индивидуальные и коллективные усилия'. 'Получать награду, подобную этой, отражает наше обязательство перед нашими клиентами и демонстрирует посвящение и усилия нашей команды для Flowtech'.


Альянс ориентируется на внутризаводские ресурсы в автомобильном секторе

Компания Norgren усиливает свои внутризаводские ресурсы в автомобильном секторе, объединяясь с компанией Syron Engineering and Manufacturing.

Это захватывающее новое партнерство создаст новую глобальную силу в интегрированных системах ресурсов на рынке автомобильных штамповочных прессов, наряду с внутризаводскими ресурсами в автомобильном секторе. Это партнерство станет ключевым стратегическим шагом в данном секторе бизнеса компании Norgren, сосредотачиваясь на вышеуказанной отрасли. Компания Syron - североамериканский лидер в интегрированных решениях по комплексной автоматизации прессовых установок, комбинируя современный дизайн и технические услуги в данном секторе рынка. Syron заслужила прекрасную репутацию в технологическом новшестве с 25 патентами, и имеет непревзойденный опыт в технологии нарезания резьбы в местном масштабе. Компания Norgren ведет за собой Североамериканский рынок по оказанию всевозможных решений по применению этого оборудования и предлагает дополнительные решения по использованию тандемных прессов, захватов, зажимов и пневматического оборудования. Вдобавок к производственным мощностям в Мичигане, США и Висбадене, Германия, компания имеет обширные международные мощности, а также глобальный клиентский сервис в Европе, Южной Америке, Центральной Америке и Юго-Восточной Азии. Джим Маннебак, Президент и Исполнительный Директор группы компаний Norgren, сказал: 'Имея тесное сотрудничество между нашими компаниями, мы можем теперь предложить нашим клиентам беспрецедентную компетентность и выбор технологии'. 'Мы разделяем общий подход к созданию преимущества ценных решений для наших клиентов, и мы будем усиленно развивать наши возможности путем дальнейшего сотрудничество в данном секторе автомобильной промышленности'.


Маннебак берет штурвал компании

Джим Маннебак назначен на должность Президента и Исполнительного Директора Группы компаний Norgren.

До прихода в Norgren, Маннебак занимал должность Вице-президента компании Industrial Technology Group of Roper Industries, а также он занимал многие ведущие должности в компании Emerson Electric Co. За всю свою карьеру Маннебак приобрел обширный опыт на рынке управления индустриальным оборудованием, а также опыт в индустрии контроля гидравлического давления. После назначения на эту должность, Маннебак сказал: "Для меня большая честь присоединиться к транснациональной группе компаний Norgren". "Мы имеем ясную и установленную стратегию для роста, которая показывает сильные результаты". "Я постараюсь стать неотъемлемой частью нашей деятельности, чтобы предлагать конкурентоспособное преимущество нашим клиентам во всем мире".


Пропорциональный клапан контроля давления выполняет свою задачу

Компания Norgren представила новый высокопроизводительный пропорциональный клапан контроля давления.

Клапан VP60 реально отличается в применении, и служит очень долго (срок службы до 250 миллионов циклов). Регулировка нулевой точки через мини вспомогательную клавиатуру обеспечивает определенный метод подстройки утечки, дрейфа, и сдвига и многоцветные светодиоды указывают диагностический статус клапана. Клапан VP60 является идеальным для использования в следующих секторах: механическая разработка, автомобильное производство, упаковка, печати/обработки бумаги, медицина и пищевая промышленность. Типичные применения в данных секторах включают контроль скорости вращения, контроль скорости, генерация вакуума и регулировки крутящего момента. В комбинации с программируемым логическим контроллером, клапан VP60 можно использовать для установки в определённом положении.


Norgren introduces its new range of Pneufit D fittings

Norgren introduces its new range of Pneufit D fittings Norgren, the motion and fluid control specialist, has extended its range of world-class push in fittings with the introduction of the all-new Pneufit D series. Providing a perfect compliment to its existing Pneufit range the new fittings feature quick and easy connection without the need for tools thus saving on valuable installation times. Pneufit D is suitable for a wide range of compressed air applications and is approved by FDA, WRAS (UK), SK Zert (Ger) and NSF-51 (USA). The integral stainless steel grab rings offers fast secure assembly for Nylon PU and PE tubing and the new range consists of over 45 different shapes equating to over 600 part numbers. Tube sizes are available from 4mm to 12mm in metric and 5/32” to ?” in inch. Pneufit D can also be specified with NPTF, BSP and UN type threads. Focused on providing a wide range of solutions Norgren now offers customers Pneufit C for general industrial, Pneufit D for specialist food, water and beverage and metal Pneufit for higher specification requirements.

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